The 10 types of nursing jobs

If you could describe your job in a few words, what would they be? Here’s a list of ten ‘types’ of jobs. Five are negative words.

Five are positive words (people like to complain on the internet, but believe it or not, there are good nursing jobs out there!). Which ones describe your job, or a job you’ve had in the past?

1. Exhausting You go to work already tired from the day before. Each day is a grind. You can’t take it much longer. You ask yourself- what am I still doing here? You wonder how the other nurses seem to do it. Your patient load is unbearable, and you come home a wired mess.

2. Political You imagine being a Congressman feels like this. You’re always watching your back – either from management or co-workers ready to pounce at the first opportunity. Hiring is a joke – it’s about who you know, not what you know. You go into work every day not knowing what you’ll be accused of now, or what drama they have waiting for you.

3. Impersonal You have no time for patients, and nobody seems to care. Not to mention, they don’t seem to care about nurses either. All you ever really hear about from management is money, money, money. It drives everything. And it drives you nuts!

4. Backwards You’re still paper charting. You feel like your workplace is a medical equipment junkyard – cobble stuff together and pray it works! You hear about all these other nurses complaining about getting all ‘technological,’ and all you can think is “I’m still nursing in the middle ages.”

5. Traumatic Your job is not just unpleasant. That’s an understatement. It is a personal attack to your mental, physical, and emotional health. You’re not leaving without some scars.

6. Comfortable You have a good job! It’s maintainable. You go in, know what you’re doing, do it well, and leave. You have a decent workload, people you get along with, and no major complaints. You’ll probably stick around until you’re ready to retire!

7. Lucrative You’re getting paid well. It might not be the most ordinary job, and it’s not mainstream nursing – but that paycheck is fine. Maybe you have a graduate degree, you work for a well-to-do company, or a government institution. These jobs are out there – and you’re happy you have one!

8. Meaningful Your job is fulfilling. Your actions every day make your life feel well-lived. You feel like you give back to the community, you take pride in your work, and it’s why you became a nurse!

9. Familial Your work is like family. Your co-workers are close friends, and you work with good people whom you know very well. You might even have actual family members working with you! Work is a natural extension of your social life.

10. Hilarious Sometimes work is hilarious! The patients are unpredictable, yet some are endearing. Your co-workers and yourself have great senses of humor – how can you not? You can’t even remember all the crazy moments that have reared their heads at your workplace – if you could, you could write a book.


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