The 3 hairstyles of Nurses

The last thing most nurses think about when working the floor is their hairstyle. And yet hair is important in the outside world, so it has to be managed somehow in the nursing world.

Obviously, long and flowing hair is going to get in the way. Not only will it obscure your vision and generally be annoying, it will also be an infection control nightmare.

Here are some ideas for hairstyles that will work for nurses. Please note these hair styles obviously don’t apply to nurses who happen to be men. Sorry!


If you are absolutely committed to long hair, the ponytail is the way to go. While it is theoretically possible to wear shoulder length hair while working the floor, it is awfully difficult.

The best way is to pull it back into a ponytail, bun, or possibly a braid. It may not be the most fashionable look, but it will keep the hair out of your eyes and out of patient wounds.

With ponytails, you can easily have your spectacular long hair during your off days while still maintain all of the convenience of some of the shorter hairstyles. It is something to consider if you want the best of both worlds.


Bobs are a great compromise between the long hair/ ponytail and the pixie. With a bob, you can look fashionable on the floor without your hair getting in the way.

A bob that falls to the chin won’t get in your eyes and won’t fall into the patient’s area. It also allows for all sorts of styling possibilities that can be used both on the floor and in your personal life.

Some women don’t like hair as short as a bob would require, but it is something to consider if you are finding that ultra-long hair is getting in your way. A bob is not a dramatic cut – depending on the current length of your hair – and it is a great compromise for the working nurse.


Ah, the pixie cut! Only the brave really want to try this, and it is very drastic. However, it is perfect for nursing.

Some women can really pull it off, though, and it looks cute regardless if they are on the floor or out to dinner. With flattering color, a pixie cut can be an awesome look.

Of course, it will cause no problems with nurse, but it can be an emotionally difficult haircut for most nurses to consider. If you really want a no muss, no fuss haircut, this is for you.

This is extreme, for sure. Bobs are for the moderate, and ponytails are for those who just can part with their long hair. Figure out where you are on the spectrum and pick a haircut that fits your personality.

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