The 4 best nursing shoes

Stories - Mighty ShoesNurses are on their feet for 90 percent of their shifts, and it is imperative to have a good pair of shoes to cushion your feet.

Your feet take a pounding, and you should try a wide range of shoes to see what makes you feel the best.

The stores are full of shoes, but what ones are right for you?

Sometimes, just trying the shoes on isn’t enough to know, and you may find yourself buying several shoes before you find the ones.

To help you narrow down the list of possible choices, here are four of the best types of nursing shoes that most nurses tend to wear.

You can buy any brand, but these are the types that are tried and true in the nursing profession.

Tennis Shoes

Yes, simple tennis shoes are often the best shoes for your feet. Don’t fall into the trap of buying a cheap pair at a department store, though.

Unfortunately, you’re probably going to need a name brand. Nikes and Reeboks are good, but most nurses prefer the comfort and durability of New Balance tennis shoes.

You will spend a little more on these shoes, but they will last you a long time and help keep your feet from aching at the end of the day. If you want to prevent foot related pain, you need to get a brand name shoe that feels good on your foot.


Crocs have a bad reputation in the world outside of nursing. Okay, they don’t have that great a reputation inside of nursing, either.

Most nurses think they are bulky and ugly, and truth be told, they are. However, they are also very comfortable and light on the feet.

You need to get a pair that doesn’t have the holes in them, though, to protect your feet from spills. Wearing Crocs is a lot like wearing bedroom slippers to glide through your day, and you may want to give them a chance if you are having trouble finding a pair of shoes.


Many nurses swear by nursing clogs. They are simple shoes that you can slip your foot into and out of, and they can be rather stylish if you are concerned with that type of thing.

It is important to get a pair of clogs that fit well, are non-slip, and are not in danger of flying off your foot. With the back missing, it allows your feet more room to expand and breathe as the shift wears on.

Clogs are not allowed in some facilities because of the risk of losing your shoes, so you should check your dress code to see if they are allowed. If they are, these might be the shoes of choice if you like comfortable shoes without the ugliness of clogs.

High Tech Shoes

Now, high tech shoes may tempt you. Remember those shoes that were supposed to tone your thighs as you walked?

Those didn’t work out so well and actually caused some nurses to have foot and back problems. High tech shoes are often not all they are cracked up to be, and they can be significantly more expensive that just a pair of tennis shoes.

If you are going to go with a high tech shoe that has springs in the heel, special arches, or air transfer chambers, be sure to do your homework. Let them gain a little bit of experience before you jump in and end up making your foot problems worse.

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