The 6 best types of patients

Hello, everyone, here’s another something to make you think and laugh about your nursing odyssey! Here we go: 6 patients we’re always glad to see!

1. The Happy Patients. Who’d be happy to be a patient? Apparently some people can be, or at least grin through it. You have to love those patients who greet you with a bright hello and a smile on their face every day, and wonder if that’s something you would be able to do in their situation.


2. The Adorable Older Patient. Everywhere has them! Some seem to have a child-like innocence, brought on by dementia or just a personality tempered by time. Others have a grandmotherly/fatherly air about them, always doling out sensical advice and just being darned tootin’ nice.


3. The Laid-back Patients. Some patients are just…along for the ride. They have a laissez faire attitude toward their treatment, and are happy to cooperate with whatever needs to be done. “Yeah, put in the IV. Just keep it down. Tryin’ to watch this game here.”


4. The Patients with Nice Families. This is a bit of a stretch, since this is not technically the patient, but the patient’s brood. The family can make or break your day, as we all know and agree. Sometimes, it’s one look – and you can tell.


5. Patients Who Ask Questions. I like when a patient asks questions about their treatment or diagnosis. It’s an opportunity to impart knowledge, teach a person, and show off all that stuff you learned in nursing school and years of experience.


6. The Grateful Patients. Of course, there’s nothing like treating someone who appreciates what you do. No matter how rough the journey was, when the day is done and everyone’s going home, the patients who say ‘Thanks!’ make our days worth it.


Kevin is President of Brilliant Nurse, who offers a free live NCLEX strategy session to all nursing students.

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