The abysmal state of healthcare

money-bagI’m passionate about quality healthcare.  In fact, I’m insane about it.

If you – nurse, physician, chaplain, etc. – can provide an action which leads to overall better patient outcomes, I’ll adopt it.  On the contrary – if you get in my way – I want to meld you with the pavement.

I am, of course, using hyperbole, but I bare fangs for people, programs, and pseudo-science whom/which obstruct progress and enhance the crevices through which my patients fall.

The American healthcare system is an abysmal failure.  And I don’t believe this because I’m a leftist Marxist-Leninist or a right-wing American apparatchik, but because I’m in the trenches, day in and day out.

The U.S. government, regardless of intent, has consistently screwed the American people, as they just keep instituting flawed policy after flawed policy.

“If you’re an uninsured young adult who visits the emergency room, you’ll pay an estimated $2,022 in annual out-of-pocket expenses.”

Instead of making our healthcare system a single-payer system, which would have been logically sound, our Congress half-assed it.

As of now, the Affordable Care Act resides in policy purgatory.  It lays somewhere in between doing too much and doing too little.  I’m not here to advocate for a single-payer system or a system solely dependent on market forces, but a system which uses commonsense.

The purpose of the Affordable Care Act is to make healthcare affordable – hence the name – but thus far it has failed.  In fact, it’s an epic fail.

If you’re a healthy adult aged 18 to 34, you’ve been screwed. One study estimates that the median insurance premium for young adults has increased by 237%.  If you’re an uninsured young adult who visits the emergency room, you’ll pay an estimated $2,022 in annual out-of-pocket expenses.

However, if you’re insured, you’ll pay an estimated $2,791, $769 more.  If you’re a healthy young adult, it’s five times more expensive than being uninsured.

I’m not here to blast Obama or bless the laissez-faire healthcare industrial complex, but instead to just throw out some logic.

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