The best way for Nurses to cover their tattoos at work

mighty-nurse-tattooTattoos are a great way to express yourself, but some hospitals and care facilities don’t allow visible tattoos if you are performing direct patient care. Unfortunately, tattoos are forever, and sometimes they are not in areas that are easily covered up.

If you have a difficult tattoo, you aren’t necessarily in trouble. You can use several methods to make them disappear for the duration of your shift.

This is a problem in many professions, and there are now a great deal of strategies you can use to hide tattoos. You may want to hide them for interviews, as well, so that they do not send up a red flag with your potential employer.

Covering up

It is obvious to cover up, of course, but some tattoos are difficult to cover. When you have a tattoo on your shoulder or your back, no one needs to know that you have one.

The problem tends to arise with tattoos on the arms and the neck. Many nurses decide to get tattoos to their wrists or forearms, and scrubs don’t tend to be long sleeved.

You can do a few things to cover wrist tattoos. One way is to wear a large bracelet that breaks up the sight of the tattoo, or you can wear an athletic wrist band to cover it.

When you have tattoos on your forearm, covering them can be more difficult. You can wear a long sleeved shirt under your scrubs to cover them, but that may make you too warm while you are running around.

However, some companies now make flesh colored sleeves that can cover full arm tattoos. They may be a bit pricy, but they will help you to keep your job.

For smaller tattoos or ones on the neck, they also sell flesh colored tape. This invention covers the art without the need for a full sleeve for a small tattoo.


Make-up is a bit more difficult to pull off. As a nurse, you will wash your hands frequently and possibly sweat.

This means that make-up on a wrist tattoo can easily wash off. In addition, the make-up could easily wash off of your forearms, too.

Another problem with make-up is that it can be challenging to find a product that covers a deep, dark tattoo. Make-up may work for neck art, but it is not likely to provide much coverage for tattoos that are more extensive.

Your best bet with a tattoo is to use a cover up. It can be as simple as a long sleeved shirt or as involved as a specialized sleeve.

Although tattoos are becoming more mainstream now, many facilities don’t find them professional. By covering them, you can express yourself on your time off and still make the powers that be happy.

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