The dirty secret that is destroying nursing

Let me begin by saying this is just my beliefs and thoughts on the subject.

I love being a nurse and I love working at the facility I am at. However, there is a major injustice being done to nurses and all medical staff right now.

Let’s begin by looking at medical staff. Nurses and Certified nurses assistants are a special breed of people.

Any of us who work in the medical field will agree you must have a special personality and strength to work with sick people.

Not just nurses but doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants….even those who clean the hospital or transport patients.

We all chose to go to work every day and put ourselves at risk to catch diseases in order to help those who need us.

Each one of us has our own special qualities that makes it possible for us to be unique care givers. Some of us are good at holding someone’s hand, encouraging them, praying with them, some are great at starting IV’s, some are your go to person for any question you can think of.

In all we each are a piece of a puzzle that provide specialized care to you, your family and friends. We go to work for 12 plus hours. We spend on average 13 hours a day with our patients.

We hold our bladders to help others empty theirs. We clean up unspeakable things all while reassuring someone  it is ok. You can’t do this job and not be super human.

We walk out of one room watching someone die to walk into your room with a smile on our face to encourage you. We stand up for our patients and do everything possible to keep them safe. Always making sure we do no harm.

Here is where the system is failing, no one is watching over us to keep us safe. The entire health field is changing drastically and in a terrible way. Hospitals are being rated with surveys like that of hotels. They are reimbursed on patient satisfaction.

Now I want all of my patients to have the best stay possible, however, realistically the hospital is a place for you to  heal. You would rather pick a hospital based on risk of infection or what is known as sentinel events (deadly accidents or mistakes)  over how well they kissed your butt.

Let’s be real. We want to stay alive in the hospital and stay safe. We live in a world where we expect to have everyone  cater to our every little need. I agree with the golden rule and treating people with respect, but within limits.

I want to do everything to control someone’s pain but I want them to stay alive and I want to keep my license.

I don’t want to be given a script to say with key words that are not natural to say to keep my job. I don’t want to constantly remind you of hourly rounding when you can easily see I have been in your room several times every hour.

Patient experience is 30% of the reimbursement to hospitals based on a short survey given to patients. This isn’t fair to the medical staff, every person you see in the hospital that works there is there because they want to help you.

Being setup for failure is unfair and unrealistic to all of us. It's a dirty little secret in the medical field that is destroying medicine as we know it. It amazes me there are so many nurses in this country and yet we don’t unite to put an end to this.

We're losing really good healthcare providers at this time because they are overwhelmed by unrealistic standards set in front of them.

Again my first amendment right is freedom of speech and this is mine. I love being a nurse, I just wish people would respect medical staff like they once did.

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