Never a dull day

glue-gunI was a school nurse and the technology teacher called my clinic stating she was sending a student up, the same time she was giggling.

I asked her who it was. But her response of, “You’ll see” made me wonder what I was about to witness.

A student walked into to the clinic holding his shirt collar out from his chest/neck area.

I asked the student what happened and his response, “I was using the hot glue gun when the hot glue just went down my shirt.”

I asked the student (who I knew for a long time) how much did he win in the bet.

Of course the student denied any bet and insisted that the glue just went up in the air and went down his shirt landing on his nipple.

I called the students mom who was a good friend of mine, I told her what he said happened and that he now has a glob of hot glue on his nipple and the hair the surrounding it.

His mom spoke with him and then she instructed me to pull the glue off.

I told her I couldn’t do that and she needed to come up and that ice needed to be applied. She then instructed her son to pull it off and stated to him if he didn’t do that I was to do it.

While his mom was on the phone I assisted the student in pulling off the now cooled hardened glue that was secure on his nipple hair and nipple.

With one pull the glue came off as well as the hair. Ice was then applied.

The next day when I walked out to the cafeteria, the student showed me a $20 bill that he received for gluing his nipple.

It was never a dull day being a school nurse.

What funny things have you seen students visit the nurse for?

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