The top 10 common classes of nursing school

Are you new to the nursing field? Ever wonder what nursing school will be like?

Find out the answer to the question that may be on your mind: what classes do you actually take in nursing school?

1. Fundamentals of Nursing

Most nursing schools will start students out in Fundamentals of Nursing. Names for this course can vary. Typically, in this course, you will complete your baseline nursing skills and your essential duties that are required for skilled, safe and effective patient care. You may also complete documentation skills, review of nursing laws, and communications.

2. Human Anatomy & Physiology

Get ready to crack down and focus as you will enter your anatomy classes. You will learn an in depth study of the human body – how it is structured and how it works.

3. Psychology, Sociology and/or Mental Health

A lot of nursing schools will require students to take some courses that pertain to patient psychology, sociology or mental health. You will learn psychological needs, social backgrounds and mental processes of patients. These may be entry courses to advanced psychiatric nursing courses.

4. Pharmacology and Dosage Calculations

Do you love math? Well, if not, be prepared to build up brain power to take part in a lot of it. Pharmacology is highly essential in nursing school, and includes your biggest in depth study of medications. It also includes calculation procedures related to preparing and administering medications to patients.

5. Nutrition & Diet Therapy

Generally, this is a small course that may be completed online or in a classroom. Topics covered here are patient dietary needs, food science and chemistry, and nutritional focus points. If you love learning about food and how it affects our bodies, you will enjoy this course.

6. Microbiology & Pathology

Instructed together or separately, these courses prepare students for the understanding of microorganisms and pathogenic agents that can have an affect on our bodies and the nursing care of the patients.

7. Medical Surgical Nursing

Learning the various diseases and their processes as well as how they take effect on our bodies is another essential part of nursing. The course provides all of the information you need to know on those specific topics and much more.

8. Pediatric Nursing, Obstetrics and Gynecology

In these series of courses, students will learn the nursing care, science and technology related to pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology patients. If you love working with and learning about infants and small children, you will greatly enjoy these courses.

9. Psychiatric Nursing

The human mind can be very complicated, yet very interesting to learn. This course plays a large focus on the mental health of patients and psychiatric nursing care and science.

10. Geriatric Nursing, Death and Dying

These series of courses are usually placed at the end of your nursing school career and includes the nursing care of geriatric (elderly) patients. Joint courses with geriatrics include instruction on the death and dying processes.

And there you have it, your top 10 common classes of nursing school. Of course, all nursing schools are different, and will vary in course titles and descriptions, but hopefully, this contribution provides a general idea of the field you are stepping into. Study hard, stay determined and good luck with your nursing career!

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