This is our week

tough-peopleIt’s once again nursing appreciation week, our annual excuse to eat cupcakes and cookies with reckless abandon.

I admit we deserve it; we’re the Clydesdales, the workhorses of healthcare, tilling the fields, and assisting in the germination of hope.

We work every day and every night, knee deep in excrement, pain, and sadness, whilst providing courage, an ear, and much needed cheer.

Over the years, we become as hard as granite and tempered steel, but compassion pervades us, it’s why we’re here.

All of us, whether we work medical-surgical or long-term care, fight the good fight without fanfare.

It’s true, we’re part of a team, but we work the trenches, battling disease and despair.

We must walk with swagger, our heads held high, after all, without us, many people would die.

When we look in the mirror, we mustn’t just see, but explore.

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