To be or not to be: a traveling nurse


Stories - Mighty AirlinesAs a hospital nurse, there was always the bureaucracy, politics and game playing all on top of the considerable stress of the job.

When I became a traveling nurse I felt total freedom and independence in nursing. I was totally unburdened, worry free and hooked like a fish on my first job as a traveling nurse.

You can limit your travel to within a single state or go all over the country.  It’s all up to you with the help of your recruiter and the agency you choose to utilize.

Travel Nursing Options

  • PRN – There are PRN shifts, which means “as needed,” and your personal recruiter will call you and ask you in advance if you can work at this hospital or that one, usually in your surrounding area or within an hour’s drive away.
  • Long-term contracts. You may choose a 6-8 or 13 week contract. Personally, I loved these! With long term contracts such as these you are given fully-furnished apartments, often with swimming pools and gym rooms for your use, totally free! Plus, you must go shopping and sightseeing with your new friends.  Your mileage may be paid sometimes, depending on what agency you use.
“Nurses need change or they burn out and leave nursing.”

When your skills meet opportunity

It takes a special nurse to travel for their job and I would advise one to consider specializing in ICU or ER. You can be challenged to use all your skills and knowledge.

With the baby boomers retiring and leaving nursing there is going to be an increasing shortage of nurses and you’ll find even better opportunities if you are willing travel.

In my time as a travel nurse, I was paid anywhere between $30.00 to $45.00/hr, but now that I’m retired, I’m sure that has changed. I was paid once every week.

But aside from the money,opportunities and career growth, the best part is getting to meet other traveling nurses who you can network and socialize with outside of work and make life-long friends from all over the USA and other countries.

Avoid the dreaded burnout

Nurses need change or they burn out and leave nursing. Do something different every 5 years.  You will grow, gain knowledge, and become a seasoned nurse that wants to stay in the profession.

Nurses have a fear of change and want to stay in one place. It takes courage, determination and motivation to take that first step in changing and taking charge of your life and experiencing freedom in joining thousands of traveling nurses worldwide.

Talk to an Agency or to a traveling nurse for yourself.  You will be amazed about how your life and career will change.

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