Today I’m proud to be a nurse

Stories - Heart Stethoscope (white)Tonight I was reminded why I became a nurse.

Most days I leave work asking myself “why did I want to be a nurse?”

Most shifts are filled with getting the residents their meds on time, charting, being pulled in 50 different directions, being yelled at by staff, residents, and their family members.

All of the state and federal laws and regulations give you little time to actually CARE for resident.

At the end of my last shift I spent 45 minutes with a resident who was scared and didn’t want to be alone. They just wanted someone to hold their hand….wow, my attitude changed quickly.

I didn’t care that I was sitting goofy in a chair that was making my back and arms hurt, I was happy to stay that way until they fell asleep and I had to give report to the next nurse.

Today, I am proud to call myself a nurse.

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