Top 8 reasons people end up nurses

There are a lot of reasons to be a nurse. But why do people become nurses? Nursing is one of the most popular second careers, with a low cost of entry and wide availability in community colleges and universities. Without further ado:

1. Former Patients: Not quite the Florence Nightingale effect, but maybe similar. Have you been a patient, or had a family member as a patient, and saw the amazing effect a good nurse has? Did it inspire you to be a nurse?

2. Runs in the Family: Not quite so exciting, but this is common. Nurses beget nurses. Is your mother, father, or close relative a nurse? Did they encourage you to go to nursing school? Well, there you go. That might be why you became one.

3. To Help Others: Some kind-hearted people grow up knowing they want to help people. They like to care for others, feel nurturing, and…well…I wonder what career path they choose?

4. Money: Let’s not beat around the bush. Nursing is a job, and a rather well-paying one (considering you can get your degree in two years). You could do a lot worse…and that’s why people who have done a lot worse switch their careers over.

5. Laid Off/No Work: A lot of people are attracted to nursing because it’s a regular, steady gig. It’s not seasonal. It doesn’t depend a fluctuating economy, nor is it freelance. Have you worked somewhere where the jobs dried out or you got laid off, with nowhere else to go? That’s how a lot of people end up nurses.

6. Hate 9-to-5s: Some have switched to nursing because they truly hated their old career. I think the most common one I’ve heard is the dreaded 9 to 5 office job. Zombie in, zombie out. Thank God it’s Friday. Your bosses don’t appreciate you, you’re staying late and salaried, the gray cubicles, the life-draining computer screen, and the office politics: it’s just not pleasant.

7. High School Grads: Of course, we shouldn’t pass over the obvious. There are the kids who are looking for a college degree, do their research, talk to their high school counselors, discuss it with their parents, and wham! Off to nursing school.

8. Stumbled into Nursing: Tons of people start off as CNAs, Medical Assistants, EMTs, Paramedics, Surgical Techs, Transporters, Food Services, Caretakers, you name it. They rather like the healthcare environment, and would like to get into the thick of things. So they decide to go to nursing school.

So there you have it. How did you become a nurse? Share your story with us! Kevin Pan is an RN and owns Exam Review Expert, a comparison and review site for NCLEX courses.

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