My world as a student has now set;
now as a registered ICU nurse for my career’s best.

With lot to learn and a lot to read;
now thinking I was never this serious as a student indeed.

With lot to save and a lot to face;
when as a students all was to be just in the race.

With lot of seniors and a lot of educators;
when as a student all looked like dictators.

With lot of challenges and a lot of responsibilities;
when as a student rising up wise is your biggest ability.

A lot to grow and a lot to seek;
and never to be just a bookish geek who never speaks.

A lot to think and a lot to link;
GOD!!! critical care nursing is not a easy thing!

Red, blue, black and lot else in my purse;

All this happened when I let my caterpillar to let it transformed to be a “NURSE”.


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