Uniting Nurses

Stories - Theme Mighty TeamI am not sure if God blessed me with no fear of speaking my mind or if it’s a curse.

Today while at lunch we had a discussion about our failed hospital system. It always amazes me, the majority of the hospital staff from nurses, to respiratory therapist, to patient care techs, and so forth.

We are the majority. Yet our voice is not heard.

Somewhere, someone needs to stand up and say enough is enough.

In the seventies they did sit-ins and protest. Well, I am beginning to think that is a rout we should look into.

At some point we need to unite and stand strong. We need to advocate for our patients and ourselves.

In an effort to appease us, many hospitals have nurse governance councils, I have been on these and I have to say our voice is not being heard.

Today and over the last week, several nurses decided to complain about the lost of some world class physicians. They did it anonymously.

These nurses are trying hard to make a change. However, sadly they were faced with the truth, the people in administration and higher up, could care less about our opinion.

This is one thing that seems to be happening more and more.

We are all replaceable

If you don’t want to follow the script or use the “key words” and be stepford wife nurses, than someone else can always take your place.

We keep watching as great managers, nurse leaders, doctors and so many nurses are just giving up.

After the discussion at lunch a co-worker asked if I was ok. I said of course, this is just a topic I am passionate about.

Thirty percent of reimbursement based on a survey, is completely wrong.  A survey that your options are not a scale of 0-10, but scored as always, sometimes or never.

Even Target customer surveys give you options to score. If your scores are low, you run the risk of losing your managers.

If your scores are low, you run the risk of losing your own job. I want my family to have the best care in the hospital, however, we live in a world full of people who feel entitled.

There is of course a chance that out of all the nurses you see, one may not “always” do things the way you want.

Some people are never happy

It is a shame we have let this happen and no one is standing up. One girl said, if all the nurses from this one unit walked out it wouldn’t do anything.

It is true, they would replace us, although in my opinion no one is replaceable.

But what if nurses came together across the country and said enough is enough. What if for just some small period of time we did something so that they had to listen to us. What if we could make the lawmakers see how impossible this is.

What if the patients or consumers understood that choosing a hospital on the grading system had nothing to do with receiving better medical care. I would chose my healthcare based off of infections rates and low medical errors.

The people that leave the hospital happy is very small.

Honestly those who have healthy happy babies, those who have successful transplants, or those who have no real issues.

The majority of the people there are sick, very sick. How can you expect good survey results when the choices are always, sometimes, or never. The majority of us would naturally say sometimes.

Maybe I should study law and find a way to change things.

So yes, I am very passionate about this. It is upsetting to see, it is an injustice to everyone.

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