Walk with me- One foot in front of the other

Editor’s Note: Today’s story continues with the third installment with one Mighty Nurse as we walk with her through her nursing adventure. New stories in this series will be published on the second Tuesday of every month. The first part of the series can be found here, Walk with me- it’s just the beginning and the second part Walk with me- Still going strong.

And here we are three months into the ABSN program … It is moving right along, and we are all very happy to be almost done with the first term!

To be completely honest, we have had far more free time on our hands than I expected.

And while most of my fellow students find that to be a good thing, I am in a bit of a different situation.

Most of them have family and friends here in town, and some are finding the schedule useful for extra study time as well.

We are out of class three days a week by 1:30, our Community Clinical day is a mixed bag (but I am usually done shortly after noon), and our Friday class usually ends by 11am.

I am trying to save money and have no car, so I am not terribly interested in wandering around town finding things to do.

So I usually use the time to get ahead on things, or just relax or work out … exercise is a must.

What to do?

That said, it is autumn, and last weekend I had the opportunity to venture out with a friend, her husband and little son into the Pennsylvania countryside to see the many old colonial style houses and beautiful leaves.

It was nice, also, to spend time with people who are closer to my own age. I have found that there are only a small cluster of us in the program who are around age 30.

Most are still in their early 20’s, and have demonstrated that they are still very much into hard drinking and barhopping every weekend.

Suffice it to say, the age gap is making more of a difference than I had anticipated. I do know a couple of people who prefer the more mellow happy hour or late night glass of wine, so we indulge in that and go home to bed.

Not much change

As for the actual curriculum, little has changed I last wrote to you all!

We are making our way through the systems of the body, learning how to assess each and formulate a nursing diagnosis.

We have done a few hands-on activities in the lab, mostly splitting into groups, watching an instructor demonstrate, and then playing musical stations every hour for the next five hours .

It is a bit frustrating; but my theory is that the instructors know that even if we muddle through some activity, attempting to get our motor skills to match what we have seen in our books, it is difficult to really learn how to do the real thing until you’re standing in the hospital with the real thing.

Which we will be doing this week! So we have some exciting things happening just before Thanksgiving vacation (which is a full week), and then we have three weeks before Christmas break, one of which is finals week.

Then we are done with Term One! So my next tale will be about studying for finals (always the nailbiter main event) and some forays into the hospital realm.

We are on a large, busy med-surg floor, and it is guaranteed to be an adventure!

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