Walks of life in the ER

A nurse’s day can be funny, sad, dramatic, simple and everything else in between. We see it all in the ER. On one particular day, a man came in and seemed quite anxious and nervous.

I introduced myself as the nurse and asked what I could do for him?  He nervously said, “I have to see the doctor!”

I indicated that he would see me first before the doctor and that I would assess what’s wrong with him.

I reassured him that whatever he had to tell or show that it would be held in strictest confidence and professionalism.  The patient soon seemed okay with this.  I stepped out while he disrobed and put on a patient gown.

When I reentered the exam room, the patient said, “Now don’t laugh at me when I show you this.”

He layed down on the exam table on his stomach with his bare butt in the air and said, “Don’t touch it!”

A flossy situation

What I saw was dental floss wrapped tightly around an angry red hemorrhoid.

I barely touched the string with my gloved finger and he started yelling, “Oh please help me, help me, I’m in so much pain!”

I felt so sorry for the guy.  He was trying to ligate his own hemorrhoid with a home remedy!

I went out to the ER doctor and explained the whole situation.

The doctor went in to see the patient and he was immediately relieved of pain after the dental floss came off.

The patient was given medication, instructions and discharged a happy man.  He was walking a little funny, like he had a corn cob up his backside.

The doctor said to me, “Piece of cake.  I even flossed afterwards!”

You get all walks of life in the ER, nothing ever surprises us!  It takes humor to survive it all.


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