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August 20 dosage

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The physician has ordered a Dobutamine drip at 5mcg/kg/min. The drip is available as 1000mg/250ml. The patient weighs 169lbs. What is the ml/hr the drip will infuse? Round to the nearest tenth.
Question 1 Explanation: 
The correct answer is D. Use the following formula: order x weight(kg) x 60/ concentration =ml/hr Convert 169lbs to kgs 169/2.2= 76.8kgs. Then you have 5 x 76.8 x 60/ ?. The drip concentrations in in mgs and this drip are dosed by micrograms. You must convert mgs to mcg/ml. 1000mg= 1,000,000 per 250ml. Divide 1,000,000/250= 4000mcg/ml. Now the formula is 5 x 76.8 x 60/ 4000 = 23,040/ 4000 = 5.76. Rounded to the nearest tenth is 5.8ml/hr.
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