Welcome to Nursing

Quote---Proud-To-Be-a-Nurse-575x575-JPGI love nurses-the funny, raunchy, crabby, nurturing, tired, old, and new. We are a special breed of beings. We all have our own story… own history. Some of my most cherished friendships were formed during nursing school and in the trenches of work.

I am that nurse that welcomes new nurses with open arms. They breathe needed enthusiasm and life into the profession. They have with them already most of the knowledge they need to be successful, it just takes time to fine tune.

Here is just a bit of advice that I would give to a newbie on the art of nursing. It comes down to balance.

Welcome to nursing,

Be proud, but check your ego at the door.

Be brave, but seek strength in others.

Be open, but share with caution.

Be humble, but know your worth.

Be kind, but assertive.

Be firm, but malleable.

Be professional, but human.

Be informed, but teachable.

Be selfless, but honor self.

Be you, not who you think you should be.

Above all, do not allow the behavior of others cause you to lose sight of why you became a nurse. Deflect any unwelcomed or negative energy. Find your tribe of people and hold them tight. Cry when you need to. Speak up when it is necessary. And last but not least, buy a pair of sensible shoes.

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