Welcome to the new MightyNurse.com

MN_main_logoWe’ve made some big changes at MightyNurse.com. It’s, dare we say, MIGHTIER than ever before.

If you’ve been around, the changes are probably already noticeable. But there’s even more that you can’t see. So what’s changed?


  • New magazine format. With a new design and menu, it’s easy to discover original stories from nurses in our community as well as find your favorite features like contests and cartoons. The home page is especially packed with articles and other features.
  • Enhanced account features. Every member can now have their own page at MightyNurse.com. You can send friendship requests, post status updates and comment on other user activity. It’s now required to have an account in order to submit stories, comment, and answer questions on Ask a Nurse.
  • Active community. Thanks to the new, robust account features, you have all sorts of new ways to interact with other Mighty Nurse members. See that Community tab on the menu above? You can access an activity stream that shows you what other members are up to as well as visit the Members section to search for people you want to connect with.

To celebrate our newly updated website, we’re holding the 20 Days of Mighty Nursemas. Corny? Sure, a little, but we love to give away free stuff. Sign up for an account and you’ll be automatically entered to win one of that day’s prizes.

If you have questions about the new features, there is a handy FAQ and you can always contact us through the About Us page.

Thanks for hanging around with us and we look forward to even more Mighty ahead!

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