What family life is like for a nurse

Stories - FamilyFamily is the backbone of most of our lives, and nurses are no exception. While nursing is a rewarding profession, it is often hard on those who love the nurse.

We work hard at our jobs, and many times it is difficult for outsiders to understand just how stressful it can be. You need to look at the different roadblocks that nursing throws in your way and find creative ways around them.

Although you spend more time with your coworkers, really your family matters. Whether it is just your spouse or your children, you need to find a way to make them part of your life that integrates with the challenges of nursing.

Shift Work

Shift work can be particularly hard on the nurse, but it is also hard on family. If you work night shift, who is going to watch your kids during the day while you sleep?

If you would second shift, you may have the same problem of finding someone to be there when your kids come home. It helps if your spouse can manage this, but that may be very hard on them!

You can get around this by using family for babysitting or taking time to pay attention to your spouse. It may be difficult, but you need to find a way to make all of this fit together like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Holiday Work

Another downfall of nursing work is the fact that you will have to work holidays at some point during the year. This can be especially hard on children, but spouses and extended families may have a difficult time accepting it, too.

The best way around this is to be as flexible as possible. Have Christmas and Thanksgiving on other days that you don’t work to maintain the feeling of the holidays.

Also, work your celebrations around the schedule you have. If you are working night shift, you can celebrate in the morning when you come home or celebrate at night if you work day shift.

Fatigue and Stress

Unfortunately, nurses can experience a great deal of fatigue and stress, and these two problems can really affect family life. When you are too tired to take care of your children, you can’t appreciate them or even keep them safe.

Your stress levels may be high, too, and when you are not at work, you may be thinking about it. This is a problem because you are not relaxing and giving your full attention to your family like you need to.

Nursing isn’t all about the profession, although it can seem that way sometimes. You need time to de-stress, and that means that you have to find time to spend with your family, disconnecting your mind from the stress.

Take some time for yourself, but don’t forget that your family needs you, too. You may feel like you have an insurmountable amount of responsibility, but that is part of being a nurse. Use your time management skills to make your home life as streamlined as your professional life.

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