What to do with used nursing school materials

Stories-med-toolsNursing school is over, and now you have a mountain of material that is left over from your ordeal. It may be difficult to know what to do with everything you have left over.

Some think that they need to keep it all, and some are just sentimental and want to keep it all. Depending how you feel about nursing school and what you had to work on, you will definitely have an idea of whether you want to dispose of or keep your materials.

It’s okay to keep them, just as it is okay to throw them out. You have to make the choice, but sometimes the choice isn’t as easy as it seems.


Books are tricky. If you have traditional books, it may be hard to store these mammoth tomes, but if your books are digital, it may be a little easier.

Look: your books are going to go out of date just as soon as you graduate. If you want to keep up on what’s going on in nursing, then you may want to subscribe to a journal.

On the other hand, looking at old textbooks can help to remind you of what you learned and ingrain the skills that are timeless in nursing. If you have digital books, you may as well keep them, but if you have traditional books, you may only want to keep them for a few years.


Everyone has to wear specialized uniforms when they go into facilities for clinicals. Usually they are ill fitting, worn out, and ugly.

When you start to work in a facility, you are not going to want to wear your clinical uniform. This is because the facility likely has their own dress code, and you don’t want to wear a uniform that has student on it when you are a nurse.

If you are sentimental, take one of the patches from your uniforms as a keepsake, and throw the rest away. You may even want to see if someone behind you in your school would like to buy your uniforms, saving them money and earning a little bit back for yourself.

Testing Paraphernalia

When you study for NCLEX, you are going to accumulate a ton of books that break down the test or ask you example questions. This is the only way to study for NCLEX, and many of these materials are digital.

However, you may need a hardcopy of these to study effectively, and that means you will have clutter. The best thing to do with these books is to sell them to other students after you have passed the test.

They will not help you anymore and they are essentially useless to you going forward. You can try to sell them to nurses on your campus, but don’t forget that you can also sell them on Amazon and Ebay, again making a small amount of money for yourself.

In the end, only you can decide if your school things are going to be important to your future practice as a nurse. Keep what you think you’ll use, but part with the rest to declutter your house and make you feel as if you are free from that chapter in your life.

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