Who We Are

Mighty Nurse is a team of nurse superheroes.

The mission: To support and empower nurses in a world that takes advantage of their unrelenting support for humanity, kindness and skills.

With a dash of self-motivation, a pinch of compassion, a hint of education and a whole lot of desire to be the mightiest nurse you can be, you’ll fit right in around here. Whether it’s through our educational partnerships, free skills testing, nurse to nurse advice, or weekly doses of inspiration, Mighty Nurse has the resources for you to not only improve your own career but enable others to take steps forward in theirs as well.

Who are our superheroes?

Icons of Mighty Nurse


Carla Face Cameo Frame 200x259 PNGCarla does not follow the conventional rules that apply to most nurses. She fears no doctor, agency, hospital, insurance company or patient. She will not bite her tongue when there is an injustice happening to nurses. She is kind and she is sassy. She is smart and she is strong. She knows when to laugh and when to take charge. After 20 years of nursing she knows exactly what it is like to be a nurse. Oh, and she can fly!

Steve Face Cameo Frame medSteve has only one question for you. Are you man enough to be a nurse? He is and he’s got compassion and toughness to spare. He’s not afraid to change things up. He knows there has to be a better way and he’s going to find it. And when he does, he’s going to tell you.


Professor K - Anita Kvinta

“Professor K.” – Anita Kvinta
Anita, or “Professor K”, is our resident NCLEX/HESI question writer. She writes weekly questions for our NCLEX quiz with rationales and strives to educate nurses both young and old. She received her MSN in 2004 and has been a nurse educator ever since.

Sarge - Jason Hautala

“Sarge” – Jason Hautala
Jason, or “Sarge”, as we’ve named him, keeps the forums moving around here as our main moderator. He’s been known to have an opinion and will gladly exchange thoughts and ideas with any member. His credentials include a BA in Zoology from the University of Washington and he has his ADN-RN from Lower Columbia College. Jason has worked in home health, tele, ICU, OR and ER departments.

The Scribe - Lynda Lampert

The Scribe” – Lynda Lampert
Lynda, aka “The Scribe”, is our eyes and ears for the nursing industry. She joined Mighty Nurse in July 2013 as a featured contributor reporting on the issues that affect nurses far and wide. In the nursing field, she’s been an RN and seen a lot in the med-surge department. She was also a CNA prior to nursing school. Now, as a full-time writer, “The Scribe” covers the health industry.

The Brain - Josh Felts

The Brain” – Josh Felts

With four degrees (working toward a fifth), Josh, aka “The Brain”, brings a wide range of perspective when writing about nursing life. As an active RN, “The Brain” articulates his own experiences into a much larger conversation about the nursing profession. Nothing is off limits from best practices in management to the compassion and care offered to those at the end of life.

Together, they are a team looking for others to join them in a quest to empower nurses the world over. Day by day, they ensure nurses can take charge of their own careers with courage, certainty and a determined desire to do good for a world in need.

Oh, and we tend to have a lot of fun, too, with lively discussions, contests, giveaways and cartoons. We probably should have mentioned that first.

Stick around and find out for yourself what Mighty Nurse has to offer. It’s serious, it’s fun, and it’s all about nurses.

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