Why being a nurse is different everyday

Stories - Carla ConfidentIf you want routine, nursing is not for you.

Every day that you step on that floor or into the building, your shift has the potential to blow your mind and be something far more than you expected.

For some nurses, this can seem intimidating, not knowing what’s going to come down the pike.

However, some nurses thrive on this ever-changing profession and enjoy the thrill of dealing with multiple problems as they arise.

No matter which type of nurse you are, you can’t deny the fact that nursing is exciting.

You need to find ways to deal with that excitement, but really, no two shifts in a nurse’s career are ever the same.

New Patients

One reason that nursing is different every day is that you always have new patients. Sometimes you are lucky and may be able to get your same assignment on back-to-back days, but this doesn’t always happen.

Even in nursing homes, the patients change frequently.

Not only do new patients come and go, but some patients have bad days that make the seem like totally different people.

One of the great draws of nursing is that you get to meet a great deal of different people, and this makes for the diversity that you will having coming to work every day.

No matter where you work, each day will present you with new patients and family members to deal with.

Expect the Unexpected

Another reason no two shifts are the same is because you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Dealing with emergencies is one of the skills that a nurse develops in time, and an emergency can definitely change the tenor of a shift.

So, even if you have the same patients, what those patients present can change enough from day to day that no two days are alike.

While one patient can be stable one day, you can spend your whole shift trying to stabilize them the next day.

Again, this is what makes nursing so exciting, not for the faint of heart, and certainly not boring.

The changes that patients present, the emergencies that come up, and the crises you have to deal with change by the day, and this means that you need to always be on your toes when you walk onto that floor.

The Only Easy Day was Yesterday

The Navy SEALs have a saying that the only easy day was yesterday, and sometimes it feels like that can apply to nursing. Sometimes it seems like it gets harder every day as you deal with patients, their problems, and putting out the fires.

Part of this is the excitement of nursing, but part of it is the changing nature of patients.

It can lead to burnout to face this every day, but the trick is to embrace the uncertainty and know that you can overcome whatever comes your way.

It may feel overwhelming to think that every day will change, but you need to trust in your skills, your ability to deal with problems, and your innate instincts as a nurse.

The only easy day may have been yesterday, but you got through that one and you will get through this one, too.


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