Why is the Mighty Nurse™ service so special?

 It’s the only nursing job network that matches your specific qualifications to the requirements of the job, shows you only the jobs for which are completely qualified,  AND lets you book that shift directly from your cell phone.

 You set the times, facilities and locations where you want to work—and you only see the jobs that meet those preferences.

 The Mighty Nurse™ service notifies you via text message when a job is available that meets your qualifications and preferences AND lets you book that shift directly from your cell phone.  Or go on the web to see all the shifts you qualify for and book them from the Mighty Nurse web site.

 Mighty Nurse helps you manage your professional credentials online, and lets you use this online profile to easily apply for and book multiple positions.

Finally, the Mighty Nurse job network is designed just for nurses.  It’s a place to learn from other nurses and nurse executives, and share your own career management knowledge.

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